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at the state of the obama presidency as he struggles now to fix the rollout of his signature health care law. >> we are just going to keep on working at it. we're going to grind it up. >> one year ago this week, president obama beat former massachusetts governor mitt romney in the 2012 election. now the president invokes the name of his defeated gop rival to defend health care reform. in just a moment, governor romney joins me for an exclusive interview. and president obama's approval rating is at an all-time low. obamacare is at a rough start. more u.s. spy revelations have rocked even our closest allies. and did the president consider replacing vice president joe biden with then-secretary of state hillary clinton? that's according to a bombshell in a new book "double down, game changing 2012." bob wood card, katty kay, david axelrod, bill kristol. i'm david gregory in washington. >>> and good sunday morning. the killing of a tsa agent at los angeles international airport is raising questions about the motives of the 23-year-old suspect, and also airport security. do tsa agents nee
to compare the rough start of obama care to what he called the slow start of the massachusetts health care plan. but he also praised his 2012 opponent mitt romney, who in 2006, as governor of massachusetts, signed that state's health care reform legislation into law. >> i've always believed that when he was governor here in massachusetts, he did the right thing on health care. if it was hard doing it just in one state, it's harder doing it in all 50 states. >> that is proving to be the case. and the 2012 republican presidential nominee, former governor mitt romney joins me exclusively this morning. governor, it's good to see you. thank you for being here. >> thanks, david. good to see you. >> why do you reject the compliment from president obama this week when he says obama care based on romney care and that's the right way to go? >> well, i think the president failed to learn the lessons that came from the experience in massachusetts. first of all, the massachusetts experience was a state-run plan. the right way to deal with health care reform is not to have a one size fits all plan that'
. >> the obama care crisis and the white housein retreat. we fumbled the rollout on this health care. >> democrats are in revolt as the clockis ticking on the government's bsite it does feel like t president is fiting on all fronts. his credibilitys lower than ever before. and we d't know if obama care will even work. and h do you get young peoe to sign up fomething they don'tecessarily wan in a moment, i'll posethose questions to nancy pelosi, leader of the house mocrats. plus, perspeive and insights about the politics of obama care this morning. >>> us, 50 years after jfk's assassination. there is still aot of emotion surrounding that day, and we'l talk abut that in just a moment. what if john kennedyad lived? would he have gotten civil rights laws passed, as he campgned to do? andhat about vietnam? what wld he hav done i vietnam? tom brokaw has produced a ground-breaking documentary caled "where were you the day jfk die" and om sheis here to talk about tha welcome to "meet the pres on november 17, 2013. good snday morning. this is the headline in the weekend editio
in studio. there is a crisis and the country feels i about obama care, butt seems to go deeper. democrats votng with the republins on a bill tt doesn't look like it's going forward. has it reached a point where democrats don't believe the president cn pull this o and make obama care work? >> o, i rmind you that 39 voted for tis resoluti the other day. the number has been inhe 30s whenit was to agree with them on the mandate for businesses, the mndate for individus. so this is aroximately the same number. >> but theres some real frustration among your democratic caucus. fair? >> that'strue, but youocused on the number, and e number approximately the same of two, three months ago as it is today whenhe republicans put forth a political initiati. people respond to it politically. >> i thin the question is, are democrats long coidence in the president's ability t make obama care work? >>no. let me just say this. on all these specifics, we he to completely step bck and see the bigr picture. what i love about health care professionals is that they are ca. and we must remain calm when we talk abo
, the market and your money. >>> president obama defesis health care and, but does it fixfix things? why going social could hold the key to fiing hoday travel bargains this year. how you n get way more and p less. "on the money" begins right now. >> this is america's number one financialprogram. maria bartiro with "on the money." >>> janet yellen made it through her senate hearing. she would be t first woman to head the fed. there was litt ranker and it appeared she will be easily coirmed before ben bernan's term end on january 31st. the market sets rerds all week. the dow hit its third all time high all week as didhe s&p 500. thenasdaq hitting a 14-year high. the markets continued to climb on friday. sysco beat on profits buthe revenue was shortof expectations and it has poor guidance. the company stock got hit. the 23-year-o founder of snap chat, a smart phonepplication that makes pictures disaear after they are sent rned dn an offer to be facook for $3 billion. zeros in revenue and they turned down a an offer. theyre hopul of a bigger offer down the road. the nominee to head the fed faces t
president obama seriously consider replacing vice president biden with hillary clinton? and how does mr. obama feel about former president clinton? fascinating details from the guys who brought you "game change." >>> new airline rules about electronics thrill the flying masses. >>> plus, a really bad day for this $300,000 ferrari, and the sights an sounds of the very healthy and seemingly happy halloween 2013. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, november 1st. >>> good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. we begin with the harrowing story of ten children who escaped a bus crash unharmed. their bus toppled off a bridge thursday into a fast moving creek in douglas, kansas. it landed on its side half submerged in the water. all the children on board were under the age of 13, the youngest just 6 years old. the older kids are credited with helping the younger ones escape through a roof hatch. >> they were all screaming and stuff and me and my friend told them to calm down and stuff. >> i was scared but i really wanted -- my friends, i tried to put them f
obama care. what the states can teach the government. broadway billions. sound of music and money. a popular play celebrating its tenth anniversary. we'll find out what makes "wicked" so popular. "on the money" begins right now. >> this is america's number one financial news program. "on the money." now maria bartiromo. >>> here is a look at what's making news. all eyes and ears were on the federal reserve. the fed said it will continue to buy bonds to the tune of $85 billion a month, and it will keep interest rates near zero. the markets wrapped up a very strong october. the dow falling on thursday after hitting an all time high earlier in the week. the markets rebounded on friday. we're about halfway through earning season. pfizer exxon mobile and merck beat profits. apple beat expectations. linkedin beat. retail sales for the month of september were weaker than expected. a drop in car buying. economists were expecting a gain of .1 of a percent. the faa has passed new regulations allowing the use of mobile devices while in the air. that does not mean you can make phone calls. th
>> [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: president barack obama interrupted by a heckler. the president directed his speech to address the man who wanted his voice heard despite the possibility of being thrown out by the secret service. >> what i'm proposing is the harder choice. it won't be as easy as shouting. it requires lobbying and getting it done. >> reporter: a former uc berkeley student from south korea and known for protesting immigration rights throughout the bay area. president obama felt it was right to come to the center to talk about immigration. in his speech, he called on congress to pass commence immigratii -- common sense immigration reform. many immigrants in the audience agreed. >> i thought it was awesome. you have to follow the laws. you can't just jump through hoops. he'll do what he can. >> reporter: despite what happened here, mr. obama said that immigration reform remains a top priority. >>> the president had a packed schedule today after his speech on immigration reform. he attended a fund raising function. it raised money for the democratic national committee
. >>> president obama combines a massive fund-raising west coast swing while getting heckled. >>> this puppy saved after being trapped for a week. >>> a popular family guy character is killed off. fans aren't happy. "early today" starts right now. this is "early today" for tuesday, november 26th. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. we're going to begin with the deadly storm marching across the country a. triple threat bringing snow, wind and rain across new england and the system is already complicating holiday plans for millions of americans. let's get to bill karins for the latest. bill, if you're heading out the door, whether you're in the east or west, what might you see? >> airports. that's the thing we'll be watching. everyone in the west is fine, on any trains. it's the airports across the country that the ripple effect from delays in the east will cause. the huge storm is now near new orleans, a huge plume of rain coming up the eastern seaboard. enough cold air for a little bit of snow and ice in the appalachians, and also up into new england. as far as the airports go today, some of the bi
in the face, and demanded the money. the driver complied and the passenger left. >>> for president obama, it is time to produce results when it comes to the new health care website. we have a check up of the system and the ongoing controversy surrounding that new law. >> reporter: it's crunch time for the obama administration, and with the president poll numbers at record lows, the stakes for improving the website by saturday couldn't be higher. >> they have to come through a successful completion on a lot of glitches they've been working on. >> reporter: tech experts have made hundreds of improvements to they insist they're on track to have the website support 50,000 users at one time. >> it will be a political catastrophe that will ruin the obama presidency for the next two years. >> reporter: another setback, the administration announced it won't be able no enroll small businesses online for a year. they'll have to keep enrolling through agents, brokers, and insurers. >> we're disappointed in the functionality being delayed for a year. there's really no loss in terms o
. their annual conntions don't st bring in blogger, b big names le president obama, facebook, anichelesandberg. are you surprised o success? >> i grew up in print and then at a time when messa boards were so popul and robust in the first bubble. and at the time, i remember i can put up some of the best magazine content o line and i can't t women ute of the messag brds. and iwas fascinating and education educationa because it turnedouwe were the lucy ricardos and the dearabbyes. off own lives. and that is gold right there. >> blogger headquarters by t way, right o t peninsula in redwoods shore the. interesting in attending next ar's coention? it's bng held in san jose. is it a blessing or a curseo have the zuckerberg name. it's a blessing when it comes to her nking account and perhaps a curse wn it comes to creating her own identity. but ranni, ge from facebo, now launching her next project when you look at her facebook time li, it's a lot like everyone else's family gatherin weddings and halloween cosmes. >> is there a timeou don't give out your name and you don't want to go there? >> setimes
with president obama for u.s. military and intelligence assistance to put down the violent insurgency that's gotten worse since the u.s. pulled out of there two years ago. thousands of iraqis have been killed in bombings that have become almost routine and really have never gone away since the height of the war after the u.s.-lead invasion. the president said he made no promises. >>> tonight u.s. and pakistani officials say an american drone strike has killed a big target, the leader of the taliban in pakistan. hakeem molamasoud is believed to had $5 million u.s. bounty on his head. he's believed to have been behind that failed car bombing in times square back in 2010. his death, if confirmed, comes as drone strikes are under scrutiny for the often killing innocent civilians nearby. >>> as we reported last night there is a new bombshell of a book about to come out that's revealing some of the best-kept secrets of the most recent race for the white house from republican back stabbing to president obama's feelings about president clinton to a possible move to switch running mates. nbc's andr
as the philippines. >>> well ts was a rough wee for president obama's health care plan. pporters are tryin to hp this weekend by reaching out to people who stand to benefit the most. brian moorhas the latest. >> obama care may be getting its share of negative headlines, but that didn't op people with little or no health insurance, straight on their own.acts houston ld a health care reform town hall, to answer ngering questions and clear up e confusion. in baltore, there was an informatiotabling at a >> there's still a lot of more comfortable with meeting peop in their community that are from their communities. >> getng the news out in person has become critical. because of persistent problems with thebama caresignp officials in charge of e website say they've made measurable progress, and are fixing glitches every day. website has become a personal and public embarrassment to president obama. he promised this past week that the proble will all be fixed. >> i am confident that by, by the time we ok back on this to say, this is working well.g and it's helping a lot of peop. >> a nationde effort to
changed the rules of the senate, and in the near future it will allow more obama nominees for things like federal judgeships to get through without a fight. both parties have complained about the 60-vote rule, and while this change doesn't mean bills will pass because the gop controls the house, it is called the nuclear option for good reason and feelings are hot once again beneath the capitol dome tonight. to our chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd. and chuck, people are asking, they didn't know it could actually get worse in washington. it appears to today. >> reporter: it has. and look, this has been brewing for a decade. there was a time when a senator obama objected to republican plans to change the rules to help president bush get nominees through without a filibuster. now it's president obama praising senate democrats for doing this, and it's now senate republicans complaining. but as you just spelled out very well, the senate democrats changed these rules, and what it's going to lead to now is probably more acrimony. essentially what senate republican
auliffe is facing off against republican ken cuccinelli. the gop has built a race as a referendum on obama care. phil deblasio has been the first democrat to lead new york city since 1989. polls have given him huge leads over republican joe lhota. in new jersey, governor chris christie is hoping for a second term. democrat barbara buono has painted christie as someone who wants to be president not governor. a new poll gives christi with a 19-point lead. and a more that 60-point advantage with independents. >>> if you tried logging onto the obama care health care exchange this morning, you probably noticed it was offline. operators temporarily shut down the site in attempt to make improvements sunday. mitt romney said the fiasco is rotting president obama's second term. >> perhaps the most important lesson the president, i think, failed to learn was, you have to tell the american people the truth. and when he told the american people that you can keep your health insurance if you wanted to keep that plan, period, he said that time and again. >> right. >> he wasn't telling the truth. >> but gover
on earth. the superstorm hits land. >>> and nbc exclusive interview with president obama. and what about replacinghe vp? >>> twitter's grand debut on the stock market. >>> also, toronto's mayor, and -- fireworks fly when number two takes on number six in college football. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, november 8th. >>> good morning to you. i'm richard lui. it's being called one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. right now, haiyan is lashing the fill spooens with miles 195 miles per hour and experts are predicting catastrophic damage. here's nbc's frances koe with more. >> reporter: it's what the philippines feared. the typhoon slammed into the coast. they are bearing the brunt. winds at least 150 miles per hour and drenching rains that made visibility virtually nonexistent. the breeze moved through the air and floated into rapid moves rivers. storm surges are expected to reach up to more than 20 feet in some cities. about a million people are taking cover in shelters in more than 20 provinces, but because the country is made up of
lead over attorney general ken cuccinelli. the gop has tried to make the case a referendum on obama care. bill de blasio could be the first democratic mayor. new jersey governor governor chris christie is hoping for a second term. barbara buono has so far failed to dent his popularity. mike duggen and the sheriff are vying for the job to lead detroit. >>> in colorado, voters are weighing in on a controversial taxing scheme for the sale of legal marijuana. and 11 counties will decide whether to pursue splitting away, informing their own state. >>> the nfl is investigating charges that a miami dolphins player was bullied by a teammate who sent his racist and threatening texts. the dolphins suspended guard richie incognito for conduct detrimental to the team. incognito allegedly sent messages that were racist and threatening. he says the charges are false. dolphins' tackle jonathan martin left the team last week and has reportedly been bullied ever since he was a rookie last year. martin says he was pressured into paying $15,000 for incognito and teammates to go to las vegas. the playe
, how i the white house handlinghe obama carexchange numbers coming in? >> reporr: well, the reality is settling in, richard. and they realize that no one's happy with this, not the critics, the predent or the white house. as you noted now, not even pporters, democrats who have been behind the health law. today the whiteouse gets an earful from senate democrats. >> nobody who supports health care reform and supports suessful implementation of the fordable care act is sisfied th what we've seen out of the website. >> reporter: president obama continues to reassure americans. >> we're working overtime to make se the law works the way it's supposed to. >> reporter: b with less than 27,000 peoe signedp for health insurance through the federalebsite a 106,000 overall, republican critics insist it's time tstart over. >> i'm goingo give it a grade. this was a "f." >> reporter: lawmake say their phones are ringing off theook th constituents whoay the website's not the onl prlem. >> called this number because i couldn't get throu on the website. i've waite for two weeks, havet heard back. >>
on the troubled rollout o strong words from former esident clinton on obama care and a promise president obama made but hasn'necessarily been able to keep tracie potts joins us in washington wh the latest. good morning. reporter: certainly democrats and espeally rublicans there, who patted him on the back will have a lot to say about whether the president needs toeep his promise. a lot of the talk in that hearing today is going to be about fixi the website. today, the house oversight committee hears from five top government th experts on efforts to fix the troled website. >> wought to start over. it's not salvagele. >> reporter: even john boehner gave president clion a pat on the back f saying president obama shouldake good on his promisand let people who le their health care plan keep them. >> even if it tas a change in the law, t president should honor e commitment the fedal government made to those people. >> reporter: democrat anne feinsteinaid last night she'll back that chan. e white house says they're working on it. the president has tasked his team with looking at a rge
a fix. . obama annouing if you like the pl, you will be able to keep it inany cases, but not all of them. nbc bay area steve hamilto has the story from washington. >> repter: president obama said he did not mean to deceive the ameran people bh he promised they could keep a plan they liked. 98% of the american people r eier it genuinely wldn't hang at all or they would be pleasantly surprised with the options in the marketplac and thathe grandfather clause would cover the rest. that proved t to be the ca, and that's on me lowers for one year the obama care standards for individual policy. said to take effect janua 1st. compies can continue o inreinstate low co basic pocies that they had to cancel. milies who had tse plans can ntinue if the insurae companies agree. >> i hear you loud and clear. i said that i would do everything we can t fix ts problem,nd today i'm offerin andea that will help doit. >> reporter: it mightave some families' coverage, b >> thank you, erybody.. reporter: many democrats rious voter wrath over obama care are sayg they immediate to take some sort of a formal vote
the first to his esidential run and will he be the savior for a divided gop? >>> plus, how obama care has some democts running scared >> i am sorry that they are in is situation based on assurances the got from me. >> theuestion of confidence in the president has the round table talking. with us this morning, best selling authors all with new bos, joe scarborough, historian doris kerns goodwin, plus, donna edwards of maryland. and harry smith with his video essay on th meaning of gettysburg on the anniverry of lioln's celebrated speech. i'm david egory, a that ahead on ts edition of "meet the press"or sunday, novber 10th. announcer: from nbc news in washington, the world's longest running television program, this is "meet the pre." >>> good sunday morning. deal, thr days of negotiations in geneva failed to producen agreement to freez iran nuclear proam in exchange for relief from crippling international sancons. although all ses pointedo progress, rouhani ts morng insisted his countryill not give up the right to enrich uranium. that is the critical step in the pruction of nuclear weapons.
for the market? >>> the issue with obama care nobody is talkg about yet. whthe current problems may seem like a walk inhe park. what it doesn't do and why it really matters. >> if you could really kw your medical future would you want o. the high-tech company. "on the ney" begins now. >> this is america's number o financial news program. "on thmoney." w maria bartiromo. > here is a ok athat's making news. a surprising and arp increase in t number of jobs created last month. bor depament says the economy add 20000 bs in the mon of october well abo exctations and in spite of the two-week shutdown. unemployment re to 7.3% and the numbers from previous months were revid upward. >>> the most early wted ipo, e initial public offing since facebook starte trading. it soared to $75. a 70% increase to whereit was priced at $26 share. all went smoothly at the new york stock exchange. a contras to the oblems faceok had on the nasdaq. >>> e third quarter gdp measured2.8%. that wasell above the 2% excted. the best ading in two years. >>> gasoline prices haveeen tumbling. the average aroun$3.25 and in some
barack obama. >>> topping the news, a major storm system is crossing the country as 43 million americans prepare for thanksgiving travel. it's already killed 13. flights in dallas, texas, hundreds were canceled. >>> an historic dealing is reached on iran's nuclear stockpile. and u.s. ally railg calling the deal an historic mistake. president obama called israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu sunday. he said the u.s. will remain firm in its commitment to israel. he says israel has good reason to be skeptical about iran's intentions. >>> so a family in australia knows how to celebrate the holidays and they have a world to prove it. guinness reports that the richards family has the most christmas lights on a residential property. they hung up over 500,000 christmas lights around their home. 31 miles of holiday cheer. the homeowner david richards said his family began competing for the world record to raise awareness for the charity for sudden infant death syndrome. >> the only thing that matters is, do they take them down or leave them up the entire year? >> i would leave them. >> that
back. the supreme court will take up a controversial obama care provision requiring private companies to provide contraception to female employees. justices will decide if there is a right to object on religious grounds. >>> opponents will request a hand recount because of that small margin. >>> the cia used to train guantanamo detainees to become double agents, then back into al qae qaeda. it was known as penny lane. it has special accommodations like showers, real beds and pornography for those who ask for it. >>> a las vegas judge rejects o.j. simpson's bid for a new trial, saying it lacks merit. the former football star is serving a sentence of up to 33 years in prison. >>> and caught on camera, a tow truck driver was helping a stalled one yesterday when a pickup truck hauling a trailer almost jack knifed and hit him. >>> time to get down to business. the nasdaq finished above 4,000 for the first time in 13 years while the dow continues the upward rise. louis v. is changing the face of moscow's square. the trunk is a replica of a piece that belonged to the cszas family. >>> tax tr
now, president obama is in los angeles after spending about five hours in the bay area. we showed you his rival in los angeles live during our 5:00 newscast. the first arrived at lack before 5:30, then the president boarded marine one. the fundraising tour continues at the home of basketball great magic johnson. tomorrow, he'll visit dreamworks animation studios for a speech on the economy and will attend another democratic national committee fundraising event. he leaves los angeles for d.c. tomorrow afternoon. >>> a high-profile interruption and high-dollar fundraising, that's the headline. president barack obama made three stops in san francisco. a free event for invited guests and a paid event and fundraiser. during that first public event here, he was heckled by a former u.c. berkeley student. nbc has more on what happened and more on the heckler. >> reporter: san francisco, usually a friendly place for president obama, but not so today here in san francisco. the reason -- immigration reform. >> because it's long past time to fix our broken immigration system. >> reporter: for alm
to getting it right. and we alws said, president obama has beenrystal clear. don't rush, we'rnot in a rush, we need get the right deal, no deal isetter than a bad deal. and 're certainly adhering to that concept. >> let me pl you a comment that i think gets to the ultimate question of what does it mean to get it right? what is the bottom line demand of the united states? the israelprime minister benjamin netanya has been out spokenbout this this week. heas on this program le last month, and this is what he said about the prospe of a deal with iran. i want you to listen and i'll get your reaction onhe other side. >> i thi the pressure has to be maintained on iran, even increaseon iran until it actually sto the nuclear program, that is, dismantles it. i think any partial deal could end up dissolvinthe sanctions. a lot of countries are just waiting for a signal to get rid of their sanctionsegime. >> so a couple of points there. you want them stop their weapons program. others, likehe israeli prime minister saying, no, they've got to dismantle their infrastructure before ey get the kind of o
obama says will make the world more secure. >> for the first time in nearly a decade we have halted the progress of the iranian nuclear program. >>> also the fallout as others in the region question whether iran will live up to its end of the bargain. >>> massive storms, snow and ice take a deadly toll in the southwest. tonight it is on the move and threatening to disrupt holiday traffic for tens of millions. >>> tis the season to shop. as retailers lure you in earlier and earlier, are the deepest discounts yet to come? >>> and special bond. the young boy with autism and his dog. how they rescued each other and are making a difference with their message. >> good evening. with an historic multinational agreement, the united states and iran today stepped away from the edge after a long and dangerous game of brinkmanship over iran's nuclear ambitions. tonight not everyone is feeling safer or breathing easier. the deal announce in the geneva early sunday requires iran to halt the production of high grade uranium. the stuff essential to making a nuclear weapon in exchange for the easing
tellez. president obama is now in the bay area. he landed at sfo literally in the last few minutes. we're live in san francisco where the president is set to talk about immigration. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he is en route to our location right now. you can see here at the intersection of washington and mason where secret service has shut down this area, surrounding the recreation center. this is in chinatown. the president will be speaking here. they have allowed a small group of people into the area, so they can express their political views to the president. some people, but not all, have been protesting this country's immigration policy, asking the government to stop its deportation of undocumented immigrants. th immigration reform is the topic of the president's speech this morning. as you just mentioned, he landed at sfo in the past 20 minutes or so for what will be a five-hour stay in the bay area. his motorcade is en route. he's trying to push congress to change the way the united states treats guests who come here. . >> we want to stop families from being b
other former players have been diagnosed. including leonard marshall. >>> president obama is finding himself playing defense on the affordable care act. this morning he is back in washington after a trip to texas. it is the largest state refusing to participate in the health care law. he got an earful from both sides. tracie potts joins us with the latest. there's news on the resignation on the rollout team, what's being made of that? >> tony trinkle, the top chief technology officer at health and human services is leaving as of next friday. next week will be his last day. he's going into the private sector, already replaced for now by someone on the inside. as they get ready to roll out more money from the health law. today the white house is announcing $150 million in grants to community health centers to treat more than a million new patients, part of the health law that president obama says has him frustrated because the website to buy insurance isn't working properly. >> this is like having a really good product in the store and the cash registers don't work and there aren't eno
. >>> in this country there is more to report on the news. we begin here last night chuck todd heard president obama apologize for the first time to those americans who cannot keep their insurance like he had promised. there was more on this front today and czech todd is with us again from the white house. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. the day after my interview with the president, white house aides are scrambling to come up with a fix to fulfill the president's newest health care promise. in new orleans today, the president again discussed the troubled health care rollout. >> we've had this problem with the website. i'm not happy about that. but we're working overtime to make sure it gets fixed. >> reporter: yesterday the president apologized for this promise. >> if you like your current plan, you will be able to keep it. you can keep your plan. you'll be able to keep your health care plan. >> reporter: it turns out, that's not true. in my interview, though, he pledged he's going to fix it. >> i've assigned my team to see what can we do to close some of the holes and gaps in the law, and
the market? >>> the issue with obama car body is talking about yet. why the current probls may se like a walk in the park. at it doesn't do and why it really matts. >>> if you couldeally kno your medic futu would you want to. thehigh-tech company. "on the money" begins now. >> this is amera's number one financial news program. "on the money." nomaria bartiromo. >>> here is a look at wt's making new a surprising and shp increase in the number of jobsreated last month. labor departnt says the econy added 204,000 jobs in the month of october well above expectations and in spite of th two-week shutdown. unemployment rosto .3% and the numbers from previous months were revised upward. >>the most eagerly waid ipo, the initial publi offering since facebook started tding. it soared to $75. a 70% increaseo where it was priced at26 a are. all went smoothly at the new york stock change. a contrast to the problems facebook had on theasdaq. >>> ththird quarter gdp measured 2.8%. that was wl above the 2% expected. the st reading in two years. >>> gasoline pricesave been tumbling. the avege around $3.25nd in
as alws for visiting us tonight. >>> and on psident obama's new alth care law, a former president o likes and supports it h nonetheless now joined the chor of people pushing the president to keep his promise for all of tse americans who like their health insurancwho wanto keep it. get more on this toc tonight from n's peter alexander at the white house. >> reporter: the white house has uted him as t explainer in chief. but during a recent interview, president inton urged president oba to make goodn his promise and let anyone who wants to keep their current insurance plan. >> i personally believe even if it tes a change in the law, the president should hor the coitment to federal gornment made to the peop and let them keep what they he. >> reporter: this afternoon, the white house said that president obama agrees with clinton. >> the president has tasked his team wh looking at a rangef options. >> reporte according to jay carney, the go is to make sure those who got cancellation lettercan afford a better plan. it's no ey task, according to jonathan gruber. an architectf both romney care, m
begin with the colorfulnd controversial john mcphie. he recently turned down an off to fixed the obama care website. in the silicone wife. aew compa and a new murder of his neighbor and the media frenzy that followed. john mcafee hasurned hisife willingly into a hollywood script. >> is this the story of a successful sbe preneurowho went crazand became a murderer or is this the gatest bleep ] of all tim >> we caughtp with mcafe in portland, oregon and now he's in the silicon valley. in the shadows of the softwar serity empire he created i 1987 the 68-yr-old mcafee is starting aew company. >> a few years ago you said you had nothing t do with the murder of your belize, you said you were drug free and you said you were still in contact with one of your teenage girlfriends. has anything change >> nothg. >> all still true to this day? >> all still true to this day. so what has chang in your life? well, i've become more energetic, i think. ve paid less attention to dealing with the press and more atteion to things i can create and design and have fun with. this prompt is something
not aerfect man and i will t be a perfect president. >> the obama care crisis, and the white house retreat. >> we fumbled the llout on his health care. >> democrats are in revolt as the clock is ticking on the government's weite it do feel like t president is fighting on all front his credibilitys wer than ever before. and we don't know if obama care will even work. and h do you get young people to sign up for something they don't necessary want? in moment i'll pose those qutions to nancy pelosi, leade of the house democrats. plus, perspective and insights about t politics of obama care this morning. >>> us, 50years after jfk' asassination. there is still aot of emoon surounding that day and we'll talk about that in just a moment. whatif john kennedyad liv? would he havegotten civil rits laws passed, as he campaigned to do? and what about vietnam? what wld he have done in vietnam? om brokaw has produced a ground-breaking documeary caled "where were you the day jfk die" and tom sheis here to talk aut that. welcome to "meet the press" on november 17, 2013. good sunday morning.
-year-old trayvon martin. >>> there is fresh fallout from the rollout of obama care. president obama's approval rating has fallen to 42% i a new poll. it's one o theowest points down sixoints in just a moh, an13 points since the start of the second term. mr. obama is alsoaking a hit personally. mo than half of respondents say he is not a strong leader, and half fin him dishonest and untrustworthy. in all harkens back to his promise that americans could keep their heah plan if they liked it, in addition with other problems wh the affordable care act, aaw that now 57% oppose. >>> this morning, princeton university sd it would allow a non-fda proved vaccine. the vaccine has not officially been approved for use in t u.s., but t school says th cdc remmended this plan. seven casesf the re strain have been confirmed sincemarch, the most recent just last week. none fatal. r a look at the weather, nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. we h concerns of rain, or maybe some -- >> yeah, rn in the forecast in safrancisco, and w kind of thought maybe it would beere
made there. >>> president obama and former president bill clinton laid a wreath on john f. kennedy's grave at arlington cemetery. they did this two days before the 50th anniversary of his assassination. joined by michelle obama, hillary clinton, and mrs. kennedy, and tom brokaw told jon stewart that jfk was the first president we all shared. >> he was in everyone's home every night. and we'd not had that phenomenal before, so there was a familiarity with him. and he was so charismatic. by that stage of the presidency, his numbers were going up. he'd become popular again after the cuban missile crisis. so it was a real transition in how we perceive politicians and the connection we felt to him. and then, it was such a violent ending. i was wholly unexpected. i read it on the air there. i remember having two parts of my mind working -- personal, i didn't know what we could expect next, and then i thought, this doesn't happen in this country. >> brokaw looks into the national effect of that fateful day in his new documentary, "where were you the day jfk died?" >>> an underwater volcan
. >>> the white house tonight says they have made a lot of progress over this past weekend fixing the obama care website, but the sign-up page which has been plagued with problems from the start will go offline now every day from 1:00 to 5:00 in the morning eastern time while that so-called tech surge team works to get it right. also tonight, it's becoming clear the problems with the website cannot be avoided by applying in phone or in person as the president has been suggesting. more tonight from nbc news's peter alexander. >> reporter: in miami today christina is one of thousands of navigators helping americans sign up for health insurance off line. >> in the beginning it was working, but with the glitches. now it's just down. now the paper application is what we are doing. >> reporter: that's what president obama has urged consumers to do -- bypass the website and apply for insurance the old fashioned way like he did again tonight. >> they can apply by phone, by mail, in person. there was a time when the internet didn't exist. >> reporter: but internal president obama administration memos sho
's dreams come tr. "nightly news" begs now. >>> od evening. president obama now finds himself compared to presidt george w. bush as in the problemsith the health care plan have become president obama's kaina. he's now apologizetwice for breaking the promise to americans that they uld keep their health insurance. and tonight an increasing number of his own democrats are saying this proposefix isn't good enough. 39 of them sided with republicans in a vote on a bill which s another attempt to kill obama care today. we begin here tonight with nbc's kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. >> reporter: the biggest defection of the yeafrom inside the psident's own party today. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: 39 democrats, nearly 2 of their caucus, joined with publicans to change the healtcare law to try to let millions of consumers whe health insurance has been cancellekeep their plans. west virnia democrat nick grayha voted with republics. how would you grade the administration's handling of the this? >> f minus. >> reporter:hat low? >> yes. >> iant to welcome the executives -- >> rorter: one d
. >>> the obama ministration gins this week still very mh on the defensive about the new health care law, trying to nally get the rollout on tck and trying to make sure democrats st with the party line. our report tonight fm white use correspondent kristen welker. >> you guys are worthless. >>eporter: one month ago it was the republicanparty on life support, blad for the government hutdown. >> the amerin people overwhelming reje ama ca. >> reporter: butow the democrats are fractureand playg defense in the wakof the rocky heal care rollout. >> they can fix this, it is a textible problem. >> reporter: replicans are pilingn. >> the president said that h fumbled e rollout. it'sime for a time-out. >> reporter: thimorning democratic par leaders tried to strike a unite front. >> democrats stand tall in support of affordable ce act. >> reporter: and they downplayed the 39 house democrats man facing tough re-ections who broke with the president fday to approve a republican bill reoring canceled policies indefitely. >>bout 30 of them and i've talked to them were insulati themselvesgainst sound bites, and
president obama. is he wearing out his welcome mat in the bay area? he will be in town monday but this time ticket sales have been sluggish. jean is here with the latest changes to the presidential visit. >> reporter: ticket prices to that presidential fund-raiser on monday here at the san francisco jazz center were slashed, reduced before the event sold out. the dnc said it is because more seats became available but the sluggish ticket sales have some wondering if the president's support in the bay area is falling just like his poll number are. president barack obama is through bay area to cash in for the democratic national committee monday. on the streets, he has a lot of support. >> it is great to see someone different. someone who is trying to change things. give affordable health care. >> reporter: but polls show the president's approval rating is at an all time low, 37%. the nsa spying scandal, the as theous rollout of the affordable care act and the lack of progress on immigration reform may be to blame for his sinking popularity and for slow fund-raiser ticket sales in san francisc
was president obama'worst yet in office. still scrambling to fix the health care mess david gregory will be here to talk about where the president will go om here and whether he's in danger of becoming a lame duck. >>> what a catch at the aubu-georgia game. you can't see this enough if u're a football fan or any kind of sport fan. >> so great. looking forward to wahing it again. with thanksging fast approaching, we have everything you need to know, shooting home videos, playing football in e front yard, to impreive gadgets that can cook t perfect bird they s in less time than you ever could have imagined. >> it's calle send out let's get righ to today's top sty. the sere weather and the reat of tornadoes touching down in the midwestith millions of pele potentially in harm's way. the weather channel's mike seidel is in covington, kentucky. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning, lester. a rainy and warm metro cincinnati. temperatures around 60, about 25 degrees above average for mid november and also very humid out here. that'she reason we're expecting severe weather. a rather outbreak of
urine as you like to say. >>> still ahead here at 6:00, is the president losing his power? mr. obama taking a tumble in the polls. the world leader, the other one who's stealing his thunder. >>> also -- >> reporter: and dozens of undergrads in the same dorm get sick with the same symptoms at virtually the same time. i'm live at stanford university. we'll have the latest on the investigation coming up. >>> and silicon valley to the rescue. the bay area companies that are coming to help fix the obama care website. [ will ] on my right is the new dodge durango. she's got it all. including 25 em-puh-guh's highway. what? em-pe-juh, muhpuhguh? muh-puh-guh's? muh -- em-puh-guh's? em-pee-gee's? 25 em-pe-guh, em-puh-guh's. i'm saying it right, but it just doesn't sound familiar. hmm. ♪ >>> a medical mystery is unfolding on the stanford campus tonight. more than 50 students are suffering from the same illness. nbc bay area is live on the stanford campus with the latest. arturo, any idea what it is? >> reporter: let me put it to you this way. the early reports were pointing the finger at food
's troubled health care website. in and why president obama is leaving an important decision about his future to one of his daughters. we'll be right back. >>> we are following breaking news out of scotland right now. authorities say a police helicopter crashed late friday night into the roof of a popular pub in glasgow. witnesses say they saw a huge cloud of dust and people running out of the pub after the crash. there are reports of injuries and people trapped inside. police say the helicopter had three people on board. two police officers and a civilian. there's no word just yet on their conditions or what caused that helicopter to crash. >>> black friday brought out plenty of the shoppers, but it also brought out a group of people trying to help the victims of the typhoon in the philippines. nbc bay area's joe rosado jr. shows us how some survivors joined up with a non-profit to get some shoppers thinking about a bigger gift today. >> reporter: the dim of black friday bore down on san francisco's union square. from department stores to small time entrepreneurs, everyone hoping to take in
for a year but insurance companies would have to compare and contract what they would good unr obama care. not enough time, plus if those peopletay on cheaper planshe insurance say they may haveo charge others more. today a hou vote expected on the republican plan to allow people to hold on toheir insurance indefinitelywhether or not tse plans have been cancelled. >> a lot to consider there. okay. thank you, tracie. we appreciate . >>> moving now to e philippines where typhoon haiyan's death tollopped 4,500. and the aid theyesperately need is finally arriving. nbc's harry smith re with u.s. marines as they delived supplies. >> reporte aid is starting to pour in from all over theworld, at the airport i the planes from t united ara emirates. behind me, one from israel. there's plas here from asia, from australia. the world is sponding. t in the storm zone,ittle of the response is being felt. orm victims by the hundreds wait in lines at the taclon airport, lines that don't se to mov >> the people like us, very ordina, we're just suffering from hunger, no water. >> no medicine >> no medicine.
. >>nd how many peopl have really signed u for obama re? and he's admitted to smoking crack cocaine. today, a new confession by the mayor of toronto. it's all nexin world tonight. >> desperation and despair turning to ang and anarchy. there's widesprd looti now in thephilippines. t the officials aren't calling them thooes, just people desperatfor food. there's still an urgent need for supplies after a storm that killed at least 2300people. pra. >> prayer, supplies and volunteers are now flowing from the bay area to the philpine. right now, a vigil is und way in downtown san jose to honor the victi of typhoon haiy. >> the vils started a few minutes ago and we've already heard several songs including "amang grace." several community filipino oups plan to share their stories of how their relates have been impacted by the pho typhoon. many familmembers in the philippines are bating iless, infection and injury. so ty're glad to know medical care is on the way fromhe bay area. >> the wovrs may stille ahead as victims cope with emt treex hunger, contaminated water and infections. diarrhea
. >>> new problems for obama care. today re than three dozen house decrats defecte and vod with the republicans on a quick fix. the hoe will will allow americans whose health care plans have been canceled because obama care standds to keep year. policiefor an aitional president obama supports that, but th bill also allows those planso new customers. about that ovision.ot hpy saying it undermines the presidt's effort to get americans covered by obama care as soon as posble. today, the predent met with alth insurance execuves at the white house tryg to figure out a solution. >> there's going to be a collaborive process. we wanto make sure we get this done so that in the yea to come, ever amerin is going to have the kindf affdable healthare that they all deserve. >> as for the house bill, the democrat-led senate says it probably won't even vote on it. >>> strippedf his powers, toronto ci council voted tod to suspend mar's authority after a series of missteps. the ty council took action after mayor rob ford refused to step aside. now, in the st week, ford admitted to smoking cr
seems like the ever moreomplicated effort get the new health re law track after president obama announced insurance companies could contin coverage for those whose policies are being ncelled the company found a new challeng we get the latest om nbc white house correspondent kriste welker. >> reporter: new jersey insurance broker david oscar is scrambling to figure out what the presidens recent reversal urging iurance companies to restore canlled plans for a ye means for him and his clies. >> minitial reaction this week was this was like dante's inferno. >> reporter: he's been flooded by pho calls by confused policyholders, ever nce the president announc the fix. now e industry is ting to figure out how to change course with the first enrollment deadline a month ay. >> we have to goack to square one. calculate and recaliate the system. >> reporte those concerns echoed by insurance ce who met with president oma on friday at the white house. after the diussion they struck a positive tone. >> verproductive. very good discussion. >> rorter: one insurance official sai this is still a
. >> but -- >> i wasn't that scared. >> you had obama care? >>> in sports, olympic gold medal skier lindsey vonn is recovering from knee surgery. she had to be helped off the practice slope in colorado on tuesday. the u.s. ski team said it won't report more details until after a medical evaluation is complete. vonn injured her right knee in february at the world championships. she was expected to return for her first races on thanksgiving weekend. >>> now to the nba. in the first quarter, atlanta's mike scott hit a turnaround jump shot as the hawks take the lead, but miami bounces back in the second half. ray allen comes up big with a three-pointer as the heat pulls out a 104-88 win. >>> the lakers' kobe bryant practiced on tuesday and said it's possible he could return to the team late this month. he is recovering from an achilles injury last april. >>> in college basketball, number two ranked kansas got a scare as armon gave unranked the lead. kansas turned it on in the second half winning 86-66. >>> following the deadly tornado in washington, illinois, this week the town's high school footbal
in a car crash because of distracted driving. >>> we have details of mr. obama's visit to the bay area next week. >>> more details tonight about president obama's bay area visit on monday. he'll be attending a public event where it is expected to talk about the performance of immigration reform. it is located in the city's china down district. he'll also be in town for a fundraiser. ticket sales have been slow prompting ticket organizers to reduce the prices by half. >> last time he was here he droop dropped in and had chinese food. >> good night. flight plan. first it was electronics, now the feds appear ready to go a step further allowing passengers to use cell phones while in the air. >>> also the giant mistake. a jumbo jet, the freakishly large kind, lands at the wrong airport leaving pilots confused and wondering if they had enough runway to take off again. >>> reversal of fortune. a stunning turn of events as kennedy cousin michael skakel walks out of prison. the latest chapter in a longtime murder mystery. >>> high stakes negotiations tonight to free an 85-year-old american veteran,
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